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The end of unwholesome diets and foodplans

Chances are that you have been miserably trying various diets and supplements to either loose weight or to get your IBS and digestive issues under control. But nothing has been a long term solution. It might have worked short term, for a little while or only while you stay very disciplined and antisocial.

So is there a magic solution?

Balanced weight and a healthy digestion is unique to you. There is no cure that works for everyone. It is time to get empowered, learn to listen to your own body and trust.

Learning to listen to your body, healthy cravings and natural hunger is a sustainable and wholesome way to create balanced digestion. It is not a weight-loss program as such but having a healthy relationship to your hunger and your unique constitution will support you in finding your natural weight.

This program is an immersion to living naturally, learning to trust our bodies and come into balance.

It is designed to be a living experience over 4 weeks. Each week focusing on a different aspect of living in balance. However, you can stay longer in each part and take your time. Or perhaps you only need to immerse yourself in one of the modules for a few days.

Every week has a specific theme: Elimination, Detox, Rejuvenation and Integration. Each day I will guide you through your daily schedule including online yoga videos, breathing practises as well as meditation and yoga nidra – all optional but complementary to where you are in the program.

This program is also known as Detox & Rejuvenate as we detox from old unwholesome habits and rejuvenate into wellbeing.


First we will eliminate foods that often create imbalance. Yes, that’s all the “unhealthy snacks” but also other items that may mess up your digestion, eliminations and natural hunger.

Reset + Detox

A very simple diet to calm down your digestive system and help the body detox, reset and find balance.

This neutral diet along with specific herbs and spices is the main support for our long term health – digestive, weight and general.


At this time we will learn what kind of foods and herbs/spices works specifically for our unique constitution. What kind of meals that nourish and balances us right at this moment.

Rejuvenation + Self Care

We all need to rejuvenate and find way to nourish and nurture ourselves. Here you will learn techniques to destress and explore foods to nourish your body and mind.

This education and exploration is based on ayurveda and the principles of the doshas. You don’t need to know about these terms as we will explain it all in practical use. However if you are interested in Ayurveda this is the immersion not just to learn about Ayurveda but also living ayurvedically.



Learn about Ayurveda?

This immersion is based in Ayurvedic knowledge and yogic practises. If you are curious about Ayurveda and want to learn how to live it this is perfect for you.

This is what we will cover through the program:

  • Short introduction to the Doshas (ayurvedic constitutions)
  • The principle of Agni or Digestion in Ayurveda.
  • What are toxins/Ama according to Ayurveda and why do we need to Detox from them?
  • The practise of Dinacharya – a specific Ayurvedic morning routine to enhance your wellbeing
  • Understanding tastes and cravings
  • Diet according to Ayurvedic principles and the Doshas
  • Understand when to practise dynamic yoga and more rejuvenating practises

Here is what is included

Welcome to the Course
  • Learn the principles behind this specific way to Detox and Rejuvenate.
  • Explanation and preview of the next 4 weeks of transformation.
  • Complete list of everything you need for the next 4 weeks with relevant links.

Remember you don’t need to know anything about Ayurveda or Yoga to enjoy this programme. You will be guided through every single stage of the process.

Introduction to Ayurveda & Yoga

Yoga and Ayurveda are functional and living sciences – even if they are old and wise.

This module explains the ideas and principles behind Detox & Rejuvenation with Yoga and Ayurveda.

  • Introduction video
  • Modifications to yoga video. This programme is open to all levels including yoga beginners.
  • What are the Doshas?
  • The principle of Agni or Digestion in Ayurveda. The root to wellbeing.
  • What are toxins and why do we need to Detox from them?
Eliminate & Prepare

This is week 1 of your Detox & Rejuvenate Programme.

I will guide you through what you need to eliminate from your kitchen cupboards and how best to prepare you for your Detox.

Every single day I will guide you through

  • A daily routine
  • Daily yoga and/or breathing practise videos to support your elimination and digestion
  • Dietary or other guidelines to optimise your body and digestive system for the detox

This is literally a day-by-day guide of simple and effective techniques to help you in your Detox & Rejuvenate practise.

You will have an introduction to the week and a lesson plan for each of the 7 days of your Eliminate & Prepare module.


Detox Module

For this 7 day module you will receive a comprehensive introduction to the Detox principles and recipes for your Detox diet and Detox teas.

To support your process you will be guided through every single day of the Detox process.

You will have daily lessons on

  • Daily yoga video and/or Breathing techniques specifically for your Detox
  • Guidance of your daily routine of food, beverages, herbs
  • The practise of Dinacharya – a specific Ayurvedic morning routine to enhance your wellbeing
  • Optimise your Digestion and Elimination

You will have an introduction to the week and a lesson plan for each of the 7 days of your Detox module.


This module is about learning to take time to Rejuvenate and creating Self-Care. To sustain our busy lives, work, family and commitments we need tools to nurture and nourish ourselves too.

You will have daily lessons on

  • Rejuvenating yoga sessions
  • Practise Yogic Sleep, Yoga Nidra – A truly healing relaxation
  • Learn about foods to nourish and nurture body and mind
  • Techniques to prevent burn-out and adrenal fatigue

You will have an introduction to the week and a lesson plan for each of the 7 days of your Rejuvenate module.



Learn to live ayurvedically. Which means to listen to your digestion, your energy levels and what is going on around you. Now you integrate everything you have practised so far.

You will have daily lessons on

  • Understanding tastes and cravings
  • Learn about the digestive fire and it’s variations
  • Understand when to practise dynamic yoga and more rejuvenating practises
  • Short introduction to the Doshas (ayurvedic constitutions)

You will have an introduction to the week and a lesson plan for each of the 7 days of your Integrate module.

Free Bonuses

  • #1
    Detox & Rejuvenate food guide

    Detox & Rejuvenate food guide which recommend foods, herbs and teas for the whole programme. Use this guide as reference guide after your Detox too.

  • #2
    Daily Self Massage

    A cheat sheet on the benefits of Abhyanga, or self-massage, and how to do it.

  • #3
    Your Daily Routine - cheat sheet

    Routine and good habits are essential for your wellbeing. This is your step-by-step guide.

  • #4
    Facebook Community

    We have an open encouraging space to share ideas. I will personally be interacting in our closed group.

  • #5
    Audio Yoga Classes

    A special selection of live recorded yoga classes for you to practise any time anywhere on audio. This is extra outside the specifically designed videos for this course.

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Here are some common questions about our course!

Who has created this course and why?

I am really excited to share this course with you.

Ayurveda helped me create a balanced lifestyle. It is, along with yoga, continuing to support me: my physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing. I have dealt with issues of IBS, constipation, allergies, skin issues, bloating and insomnia. And the one thing that has empowered me to take charge is Ayurveda.

The principles that I share with my private clients when I first see them are the ones I am sharing with you in this program. Going through these 4 weeks will help you take charge of your health too.

My full bio and more information can be found on my website

But here is a bit more about me:

About Anja Brierley Lange

I am sharing the techniques and principles of Ayurveda, Yoga, Aromatherapy and Self care such as flower essences with individuals, groups and guiding + educating through online courses. Technology is a fantastic way to connect and learn.

Always loved learning I have trained and qualified in various healing practises: yoga, ayurveda (BSc + PGDip), clinical aromatherapy and flower essences. In addition I am a teacher trainer on yoga teacher training courses, created and been the course leader on pregnancy + postnatal teacher trainings, lecturing on 200 and 300 hours yoga teacher training courses.

When I share ayurveda and yoga in classes, workshops or retreats I wish to educate and create a safe space for healing and transformation. Yoga, for me, has never just been about the yoga poses. It is about the spark the class and practise may create for something much bigger.

For individual self care, yoga and ayurvedic consultations with me please see this page.

Have a look here if you want to see my articles in Om Yoga Magazine, Yoga Magazine, Huffington Post, Mind Body Green and other publications. And read about all the other things I love and share over (essential oils, ayurveda and self care).

Can I still eat meat, drink coffee and smoke during the Detox?

Well, we are trying to Detox so we eliminate any foods or habits which can tax our system. The actual Detox (3-5 days, or potentially 1) is vegetarian and based on rice and mung dhal.

However we also don’t believe in completely changing a lifestyle from one day to the next. This too can create health issues. So then we simply reduce our “toxic” habits and use the programme to find balance.


What if I have a big event/dinner/holiday during the programme?

Try to schedule the actual Detox (3-5 days) for when you can rest. Even if you do have a “lapse” no harm has been done. You simply go back to the schedule and your dietary advice again.

Will the course ever be on Sale?

No. The course will not go on sale. Once you purchase the course you will always have full access. Even when there are updates, added content or there are price increases. Please note the £97 is a launch offer and will not decrease.

I am not interested in Yoga or Ayurveda

No problem. I use these terms as they resonate with me and what I do. The diet is based on Ayurvedic principles which I discuss in the course. But you don’t have to “believe” in the Ayurvedic philosophy and science to benefit.

You will have access to daily yoga videos and breathing techniques which I highly recommend. They are designed to enhance each aspect of the course. But the programme can be done without.


Can I continue my usual yoga/exercise practise during the programme?

Of course. But listen to the recommendations for each week and get inspiration from the videos. They will inform you of the intention for the week. E.g. during the Rejuvenation week all movement is very nurturing – not the time to run a marathon.

I am pregnant or breastfeeding my new baby/ babies

Congratulations. At this stage in your life focus on nurturing and nourishing you and baby/babies. You are welcome to join us when you have recovered from birth and stopped breastfeeding.

Alternatively send me an email with more details. If you have been breastfeeding for a while you may want to start the Detox and Rejuvenation programme but with less restrictions and modified yoga practise.

Or if you wish to enjoy some prenatal yoga have a look at this course where I have recorded over 3 hours of Pregnancy (and some Postnatal) yoga videos.


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Please note this course is also known as Detox & Rejuvenate 

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