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online courses + immersions in essential oils, yoga + ayurveda

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Here is your opportunity to explore learn and nourish yourself

Learn new self care practises such as

  • living ayurvedically and in balance (create a healthy weight)
  • become confident and safe using essential oils
  • practise yoga whilst pregnant and prepare for birth and beyond
  • more to come for your journey of nurturing and empowerment…

We all seem to be getting more and more stressed and overwhelmed. We burn out, get chronic fatigue or become depressed. And yet we still take on more and participate in the stresses and dramas of daily life.

With this platform I give you permission to practise self love, to take time out, to rest and to learn tools and techniques that supports you whilst still participating in your life.

We draw my my training and experience as a life long explorer into the alchemy of life and healing, as a qualified ayurvedic practitioner, yoga teacher + trainer, aromatherapist, flower essence practitioner…

See our current offerings below and click the links to learn more.

With warmth


founder of, and Sacred Self Care Academy


Course Selection

Essential Oil Introduction
the alchemy of practical and safe use of essential oil. Using aromatherapy for yourself, in your home and for ultimate self care.
Healthy weight + digestion (with ayurveda & yoga)
Detox and Rejuvenate with Yoga and Ayurveda - a 4 week immersion and education in living ayurvedically
Pregnancy Yoga Course
Enjoy these Yoga session during your journey to motherhood. More than 3 hours of shorter or longer yoga practises specifically for pregnancy + bonus module of postnatal yoga.