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I am delighted to share inspiration and insight based on Yogic and Ayurvedic knowledge online. The courses here are developed out of my love, devotion, training and practise of the yoga and ayurveda.

Several courses will be on offer: Specific Yoga videos for Pregnant Women, Detox for everyone else, Living and learning about Ayurveda.

Like Ayurveda this platform is living. It will develop, change, update and evolve. Courses will be continuously updated and filled with more information (with no extra costs if you have already purchased it).

Each course is a separate entity. Once you purchased it it is yours to keep. Much of the information and videos can be downloaded but otherwise you have online access for as long as the website is alive.

Have a look at the courses below. Feel free to email me with specific suggestions too.


Course Selection

Detox with Ayurveda & Yoga
Detox and Rejuvenate with Yoga and Ayurveda - a 4 week immersion and education in living ayurvedically
Pregnancy Yoga Course
Enjoy these Yoga session during your journey to motherhood. More than 3 hours of shorter or longer yoga practises specifically for pregnancy + bonus module of postnatal yoga.